Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Surprising! These Foods Can Cause Depression

Our mental wellness depends on a lot of factors and a lack of mental wellness leads to depression. Depression has become a part of many people's lives nowadays. Everybody knows the signs of depression - low mood, insufficient motivation and a feeling of vulnerability.
Many people encounter these as a fleeting response, for others it becomes a way of life. Depression is identified on the basis of its signs. Its symptoms include mood swings, emotions of guilt, suicidal ideas coming to the mind all the time, sleeplessness, agitation, nervousness, physical difficulties in sex drive, etc.
A report concluded that there is a relationship between nutrition and mental wellness. Many nutritionists say that changes in the manner wherein food is produced has reduced the amount of essential fats, minerals and vitamins consumed and it has changed the balance of nutrients in foods. The consumption of such foods has lead to depression.

In several cases, the utilization of pesticides and the kind of diet of the animals has altered their body fat makeup. It implies that the population's consumption of omega-3 has decreased, but omega-6 has increased. This has been found to be one of the causes of depression.

Some foods are considered to be significant tools that might help to combat melancholy, but some foods if consumed in large quantities may cause depression. A few of the foods are low in cholesterol, in sugar as well as fat, but at the same time are saturated in protein.

This combination may be dangerous as it leads to low production of serotonin, which is a happy hormone and therefore makes you feel depressed. List of foods that may make you depressed are apple, coconut, cheddar cheese, Brazilian nuts, lentils, lobster, canned green peas, sweet corn, yogurt, etc.
There is no border of safety with metal toxicity, as even a little bit of toxicity from metals may build up in soft tissues as well as bones. This can cause depression. Dog and cat hair, pollen along with other common allergy-causing items may cause bouts of depression.

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