Monday, 23 January 2017

8 Step-By-Step Guides For Offbeat DIY Projects

Shrink Jeans Perfectly
Take these four steps to hipster Nirvana: skin-tight jeans.

Get Rid of Water Rings
 Say goodbye to water rings when you use mayonnaise! Mayonnaise: It's not just for your hair.

Paint Moss Graffiti
 One of the book's hidden gems, this guide shows how to paint moss onto a wall and cultivate it, like a paint-on Chia Pet.

Build a Bat House
 The bat house, a dark box with wire mesh for bats to hang from, is one of the most interesting animal habitats in the book. The beehive also looks like a winner.

Stay Warm in a Fire Bed
 This is an epic fix to a survival problem: how to get through a cold night in the wild. This eight-step process involves rocks, coals and logs.

Construct a Thumb Piano
 A wood block, bobby pins, staples and a screw are all you need to assemble a little wood block with pins that you press with your thumbs.

Assemble a Backyard Raku Kiln
 Smoke and heat stamp their random figures in the glaze during this traditional Japanese firing process. This book shows how haunting ceramic designs can emerge from an insulated trash can heated with a propane torch. And even if the kiln fails, you still get to blow a propane torch into a trash can.

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